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Intensive Care Facial Acupuncture

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  • Intensive Care Facial Acupuncture

Intensive Care Facial Acupuncture

The technique called 'percussive' is used to stimulate about three hundred and more points on your face compared to 80~120 points of Petite facial. This method helps to stimulate and treat much deeper structures in dermis. The procedure promotes the collagen production, the cell rejuvenation, reduction or erasure of fine lines, the softening of deeper wrinkles and , skin texture improvement, and facial contour refinement.

Recommended for

Loose Skin, Wrinkles, Bigger Pore, Sagging skin, Uneven Skin (Acne)


Whitening, Improve elasticity, Wrinkle Resolution, Minimizing Pore
* The results are noticeable 3~4 weeks after treatment.


Bruising may occur (10 Days for recovery)


Apply Sun block Cream often.
Prevent excessive sweating exercise and sauna for 7 to 10 days.


(3 Hours)

Cleansing -> Picture -> Consultation -> Anesthetic cream (30Min)->
Intensive Care Facial acupuncture -> Ample Cosmetic ->
Petite Facial Acupuncture -> Cooling -> Herbal mask with Rejuvenating laser treatment ->
Basic care (soothing cream/rejuvenating cream/sun block & BB cream)

  • Intensive Care Facial Acupuncture

  • Effect of Jae-Seng Acupuncture Treatment on the improvement of Nasolabial Folds & Eye Wrinkles by Dr. Jo, Jin- Hyung
    * Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine, ARTICLE ID 273909 SCI(E)

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