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I feel better the 1st day in Kwangdong!

NAME admin


HIT 4,216

DATE 2015-10-08

Treatment : Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, Manual Therapy, Rehap Exercise, Steamed Herbal Wrapping
CC : Neck & Thorasic Pain, Headache, Shoulder Pain
Age : 12 & 59
Gender : Female

When I came to Kwangdong, I feel not good, sometimes I had a headache. After eight days (of acupuncture, Herbal Wrapping, Manual Therapy, and exercises), I feel better the 1st day in Kwangdong.
It's amazing!(Alina Erinolaeva)   

When I came to Kwangdong, I have ache in my right shoulder, but after the treatment of acupuncture, Hearbal wrapping, Manual Therapy (especially cupping was the best!!) - Tatiana

I feel so much better!
But we have to small time to do treatment. Doctors are so good, beautiful place. 

Good luck in work!!!

치료 : 침, 순기, 도수치료, 운동 치료, 약찜, 부항, 약침

제가 광동에 왔을 때, 전 가끔 두통이 있었고, 몸이 좋지 않았습니다. 그런데 8일간의 치료(침, 한방 약찜, 도수치료와 운동 치료) 후, 광동에서 치료 받은 첫날 부터 좋아 졌습니다. 놀라울 정도입니다!!(알리나)   

제가 광동에 왔을때, 오른쪽 어깨에 통증이 있었지만, 침, 한방 약찜, 도수치료(부항이 최고!!) 후 훨씬 많이 좋아졌어요.(따띠아나)                                                                                                                              

하지만 우리가 치료받을 시간이 너무 짧아서 아쉽네요. 의사 선생님들도 좋았고, 훌륭한 병원입니다.

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