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I would recommend it to anyone seeking pain relief.

NAME admin


HIT 3,583

DATE 2016-01-04

Treatment : Acupuncture,  Manual Therapy, Dr.'s AK
CC : Neck  Pain + Back  Pain
Age : 46
Gender : Female

When I first came, I had neck pain and back pain. My cervical spine was popping out of place.
Dr. Kim and his staff have done an excellent job of relieving me of pain.

First I had manual physical therapy in which she adjusted my spine, hips, and shoulders as well as relaxing my muscles. My posture has improved greatly. Afterwards, I would have the acupuncture and electric pulse which relaxed my muscle.
I have never had acupunture prior to this but I would recommend it to anyone seeking pain relief.
I also appreciate that they have English speaking staff to help interpret for me. (Deborah PARK)

치료 : 침, 도수, AK
주소증 : 목 통증, 허리 통증
나이 : 46세 여성

제가 처음 방문 했을때, 저는 목과 허리에 통증이 있었습니다. 그리고 경추가 튀어나와 있었습니다. 김 원장님과 직원들이 저희 통증 재활 치료에 정말 최선을 다해 주었습니다.  처음 도수 치료를 받을때 물리치료사가 근육과 함께 저의 척추, 힙, 어깨 치료를 해주었습니다.

침은 한번도 맞은 적이 없었는데, 저는 이제 통증 치료에는 최고라고 권하고 싶습니다. 또한 저를 위해 영어
통역을 도와 준 데보라 박 매니저에게도 감사를 드립니다.

This is my first visit.

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