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One-Day Diet

All that everyday stress and irregular, unhealthy eating habits often contribute to weight gain.
With poor blood and energy circulations toxins pile up in our body. This causes swellings, tiredness, plump body, and so on.
The program helps to loose some body fat by stimulating metabolism, improving digestive system, and detoxifying.

Recommended for

high body mass index, wish to detoxify body, irregular and unhealthy eating habits


detoxification, lower body mass index, preventive care


- InBody examination
- Blood test
- Acupuncture
- Moxibustion or Herbal vapour treatment
- Detox therapy
- Electro-lipolysis acupuncture
- Herbal treatment (30 days)

Cost (KRW)


Herbal Treatment

Herbal medicine (individualized prescription)
  • Treatment of the conditions that caused weight gain OR
  • Enhances fat burning process
  • Boosts metabolism
Nutritional granules
  • Contains minerals, vitamins, fibers, and protein
  • Prevents weight rebound
Detox granules
  • Improves bowel movement
  • Enhances detoxification process

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